Saturday, September 29, 2012

Need for Speed!

With all of the recent orders for larger quilts it became apparent that a faster & heavy duty sewing machine was necessary.  A few weeks ago I plugged in a professional brother sewing machine that I acquired... man does it sew FAST. While the cutting, sandwiching and clipping won't go any faster, the fact that I can now sew 3 times faster than before results in completing quilts much quicker. I will admit is did take some getting used to, it's self oiling and does take a bit more space in my sewing room but well worth it! 

Understand the machine I inherited came with no manual; the online manual wasn't much help. 

disclosure: I sewed on this very machine while attending college in Atlanta (a few years back) and I had forgotten how to do the very basic tasks: threading, adjusting tension, setting needle...

Luckily, I found a repairman within driving distance, he was able to show me how to 'properly' thread the machine and set the tension and after the 1st visit, I was up and running!!

- well... for a week or so - 

Then I broke the needle... let's say changing needles - that's tricky too. It threads side to side vs. front to back on a home sewing machine, once again my machine wasn't stitching, so back in for a 2nd visit!

Thanks to the repair tech at Maquinsal I now know how to properly thread, set tension and change needle! A heartfelt thanks to hubby for not once but twice having to lug the machine head out of it's base and into the car so I could take it in for repairs, it weighs a ton! 

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